Which version of Dynolicious is best for you? Classic Connect Fusion
iOS 6 and iPhone 4 or newer X X
Compatible with older devices (iOS 3.2) X
TESTING : Timed Run
0-60 Mile-per hour X X
1/4 Mile X X
Horsepower at wheels X X
Sensor Fusion Algorithms combine Accelerometer, GPS, and Gyro inputs for more accurate test results X
Data for each test is rated in regard to its quality X
High-resolution annotated charts of test results X X
Weight worksheet assists with accurately determining test weight X
Automatic calibration X
Mount device in any orientation X
Test results get saved to the cloud (requires Facebook login) X
Easily share test results with the world X
TESTING : Skidpad
Measures Forward, Lateral and Braking Gs X X
Record 360-degree max G envelope X
Record point-cloud history of vehicle Gs X
Generate high-resolution graphs of G-force vs time X X
Test results get saved to the cloud (requires Facebook login) X
Easily share skidpad results with the world X
Create online presence for your vehicle X X
Unlimited galleries and photos X X
Photojournal stories to document projects and events X X
Dedicated wall for each vehicle to see comments from friends and fellow enthusiasts X X
Browse other user’s vehicles X X
Search for vehicles by year/make/model X X
Interact with vehicle owners via public wall posts or private messages X X
Follow interesting vehicles X X
Price (USD) ON SALE!$6.99 Free ON SALE!$9.99